iMusic increases IQ & intelligence

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iMusic enhances student performance explore our Grade school survey results and accompanying studies.

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iMusic improves & enhances brain synchronization

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iMusic: Volume One improves cognitive performance and in specific, memory

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Brainwave training enhances the health and performance of major business executives

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iMusic + Focus Study

iMusic Sleep Study

iMusic + IQ Study


iMusic increases IQ and intelligence

A study conducted by Dr. Siegfried Othmer, an international leader in the field of neurofeedback and brainwave training, led to the conclusion that brainwave training has exceptional effects on IQ... Read On


The same techniques used to optimize and measure brain activity in NASA pilots during flight simulation exercises are an integral part of iMusic. For years, scientists from NASA’s Langley Research Center have researched and developed various physiological methods for assessing sustained attention, engagement, awareness and pilot stress in laboratory flight simulators. Such tests are crucial to maintaining the focus of pilots, taking into consideration that the task of flying a plane can sometimes be monotonous.


One of the most progressive physiological methods to spawn from Langley biofeedback research is iMusic, a real world application that will improve overall mental awareness for indiviuals of all ages... Read On.



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